TENZI Professional cleaning agentsTENZI Professional cleaning agents

    Clean windscreen even in -22°C

    Winter windscreen washer fluid

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    Quick and effective mildewcide

    Ideal for removing black mould

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    Cleans and protects


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    Easy in use and harmless to cleaned surfaces


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    Quartz-ceramic strengthening of the car paint


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    How to properly apply quartz-ceramic coating on your vehicle

    We present to you a foolproof formula designed for professional strengthening of the car paint. Its effect is lifetime protection of the car paint from atmospheric conditions, micro-scratches and dirt cumulation. The only requirement is renewing the coating once every six months. How to achieve this?

    We recommend putting two layers of the Q7 Crystal, one layer of the Q10 Flexi and additionally covering the whole surface with SLS layer. This kind of strengthening differs from popular waxes, because car paint comes into chemical reaction with car paint which changes its properties and hardens it. We recommend using this formula in specialized workshops since there are some conditions that must be met when applying it (operation must be performed in a 18-20°C clean and dry room far away from sunlight).

    Q7 and Q10 after applying on car body

    The procedure starts with carefully degreasing the whole surface (it should be cleaned beforehand). It’s best to use IPA Cleaner for this operation. After that, apply first layer of the Q7 with the help of the applicator and leave it for 3-5 minutes (cross-linking time). Spread the product section after section to avoid uneven distribution of the substance. When product traces will transform into single droplets collect excess substance with microfibre cloth and polish the surface to receive a mirror effect.

    Apply second layer of Q7 after 3 hours and then leave the vehicle in a dry and warm place for 12 hours to obtain full hardening effect.


    Q7 and Q10 after cross-linking

    Next step consists of applying one layer of Q10 which creates a super hydrophobic, elastic coating that is remarkably resistant to external damage. It also emphasizes colour depth and enhances overall colour of the surface. You apply this product the same way as Q7, except cross-linking time lasts 10 minutes and you leave the vehicle for 8 hours instead of 12.

    The last operation amounts to applying one layer of the SLS which provides perfect finishing touches to car paint that gives additional slippery effect and hydrophobic properties to your car paint.
    This last layer should be reapplied once every six months.

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