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Gran Pres AGD

Removing stubborn sediments from coffee machines


Very efficient powder, based on active oxygen, designed for removing stubborn sediments from coffee machines.
Excellently removes contamination from porcelain, faience and thermos interior surfaces.

Application area

- coffee machines
- porcelain, faience, thermoses
- devices and dishes discoloured by coffee or tea

Method of use

Read product’s safety data sheet before using.
- use according to the machine’s user manual, or make a 1-2% solution (10-20 g / 1 l of water)
- sink the dismantled coffee making module and leave it for 15 minutes. Afterwards, thoroughly wash it out with drinking water
- in case of espresso machines, pour 1-2 spoons of the powder (10-20 g) to blank disk, turn on the group for about 5-10 seconds, after 30 seconds repeat the last step and repeat it until the disk is empty
- thoroughly wash the whole system with clean, drinking and warm water (0.5-1 l)


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