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Rubber Off

Removing vulcanized rubber from floors


Concentrated product designed for removing rubber traces from all kinds of hard surfaces.
Excellently dissloves greasy exploitative dirt and adhesives used by sportsmen (paraffin and resinous).
Effective in 2-30% solutions.
For daily cleaning, we recommend using 2-5%.
For removing stubborn pollution from vulcanized rubber use 10-30% solution.

Application area

Recommended for thorough cleaning:
- industrial floors (epoxy resins, concrete, gres, natural stone)
- office floors (ceramics, linoleum, PVC etc.)
- sports floors (parquet, PVC etc.)

Method of use

- fresh dirt: 0.5 – 2% (50 – 200 ml / 10 l of water)
- old dirt: 10 – 20% (1 – 2 l / 10 l of water)
- spot cleaning (layered dirt) 1:3 with water

Compose a working solution depending on the level of dirt, apply it to the contaminated area and wait for 1-2 minutes.
Scrub mechanically or by hand, pick up all the dirt and wash the area with fresh water.
Dry it yourself or allow it to dry off on its own.

WARNING: On polymer surfaces use spot cleaning at maximum 1% solution (100 ml / 10 l of water).

Product codes

P17/001 - 1l
P17/010 - 10l


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