TENZI Professional cleaning agents TENZI Professional cleaning agents

Find out more about our new virucidal product for disinfection of hands and other surfaces

ALCOVIREX - universal virucidal disinfection

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In our own laboratory we constantly develop formulas of our products

Quality guaranteed by ISO 9001:2015 certificate

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Check our new product based on ethyl alcohol

De-Zal E - virucidal hands disinfection

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Efficient and harmless


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TG Cleaner

Removing tar and adhesives from car bodies


Ready to use product, designed for quickly removing rubber stains from concrete, wood and elastic surfaces.
Dissolves bituminous masses – tar, asphalt, duct tape stains and sticker marks.
Effectively removes marker stains, ink, natural resin and non-hardened paint of “graffiti” type.

Application area

- concrete, wood, elastic surfaces, original car paint

Method of use

Read product’s safety data sheet before using.
Product is ready to use without diluting.
Do not mix with water.
Apply the product on the surface, wait a moment and wash it with cloth.
Before using, check the durability of the cleaned surface.

Warning: Do not use on rubber surfaces, soft plastics or acrylic glass.


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