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Top PLAM Clor

Chloric stain remover


Chloric stain remover designed for removing stains and discolourations of gastronomic origin, such as juices, alcohols, oils and grease.
Eliminates unpleasant odour of animal origin or those created by putrid processes.
Recommended for artificial textile surfaces (polyester, polyamide, acryl, nylon, polypropylene etc.).
May be used for cleaning very stained seats and carpets with Texwash as a bleach and stain remover for natural fibres that have durable colours.

Application area

- artificial and natural textile surfaces with durable colours
- linen (bleaching)
- seats, rugs, upholstery

Method of use

Read product’s safety data sheet before using.

Make a working solution according to its purpose:
- removing stains: 1:10 with water (10%)
- bleaching: 1:20 with water (5%)
- laundering: 1% Top Plam Clor + 4% Textil or Texwash

Apply the solution on the surface, wait for about 30 minutes, collect the dirt and wash the surface with vacuum washer.
For removing foam, use De-Foam product.
In case of splattering, quickly wipe plastic, wooden or metal elements.

Warning: This product must be used only on materials with durable colours.
Before using, test the surface durability.
Do not mix with other products, because it may release harmful gases (chlorine).


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