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The new Truck Clean Foam

Fast and efficient washing of trucks with extra foaming

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Safe way to wash and coat of solar panels

Ecological cleaning

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Efficient and harmless


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Cleans and protects


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New website about ECO line

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Cleaning leather surfaces - furniture, upholsteries, coverings


1. Apply Leder Clean (GT without diluting, concentrate as a 1:9 water solution) on the contaminated surface with soft brush from natural bristle and carefully spread it on the whole area.
Warning: Test the surface durability in poorly visible place before using the product.

2. Brush the surface for about 15 seconds.

3. Collect the dirt with beforehand soaked microfibre cloth and then wash down the surface a few times, while flushing cloth in lukewarm (30°C) water. Leave it to dry off.

4. Apply Leder Cream on clean and dry surface with sponge or cloth and leave it to dry off on its own (applies to varnished grain leather).

5. Warning: Maintain absorbable leather such as suede or nubuck with Leder Prot and leaving it in the light (natural or artificial) and warm temperature.

6. Daily contaminations (exploitative) are removed with Leder Care (natural leather effect) or Leder Shine (polishing effect) and wiping it with microfibre cloth.
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