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Super Effective Cleaning of Sanitary Surfaces

Sanit LUX - totally new formula

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Maximum dishwashing power

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Car Wash Pro new product line for self-service and touchless car washes

An innovative combination of the highest quality and efficiency with attractive conditions

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The most effective product on the market for washing trucks

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Cleans and protects


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Reliable, highest quality products and attractive conditions of cooperation

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In our own laboratory we constantly develop formulas of our products

Quality guaranteed by ISO 9001:2015 certificate

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New tests confirm virucidal effect just after 1 minute on hard surfaces

ALCOVIREX - universal virucidal disinfection within 1 min

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Shower cabins - thorough cleaning, nurturing and disinfection


1. Thorough cleaning:
In case of limescale, rust or old dripstone, apply “Derast Żel” or “WC Sani” (without diluting) on shower cabin, carefully spread it with brush and leave it for 2-3 minutes.
Remove contaminations with washing-up brush.
Wash everything down with clean water and wipe it until it is dry, by using microfibre cloth.
Repeat the process periodically, only when it is needed.
In case of mould, fungi, discolourations, urinal odour or greasy stains (acrylic, enamelled, ceramic surfaces), apply “Toalex”, “Usuwanie pleśni” (without diluting) or “Gran Clor 2006” (2-5% solution) and leave it on the surface:
- killing bacteria and viruses – up to 5 minutes.
- killing fungi and mould – up to 15 minutes.
Rest of the procedure – just like with descaling.

2. Daily cleaning and maintenance:
Spray contaminated surface with “Kabiny Prysznicowe”, “Sanit GT”, “Sanit” (3% solution) or “Sanit Dez” (3% solution) – 2-3 ml / 1m2.
Brush the surface and polish it until it is dry.
Warning: Do it every day after using shower cabin.

3. Daily disinfection – when frequently used by various people:
Apply “DS-1 GT” or “DS-1” (1:9 solution) with the sprinkler or microfibre cloth.
Disinfection occurs after 1 minute. Does not need to be washed down.
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