TENZI Professional cleaning agents TENZI Professional cleaning agents

Car Wash Pro new product line for self-service and touchless car washes

An innovative combination of the highest quality and efficiency with attractive conditions

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The most effective product on the market for washing trucks

Check out TRUCK CLEAN®

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Cleans and protects


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Reliable, highest quality products and attractive conditions of cooperation

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In our own laboratory we constantly develop formulas of our products

Quality guaranteed by ISO 9001:2015 certificate

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Check our new product based on ethyl alcohol

De-Zal E - virucidal hands disinfection

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New tests confirm virucidal effect just after 1 minute on hard surfaces

ALCOVIREX - universal virucidal disinfection within 1 min

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Solar Panels

Washing and protecting solar panels


Slightly acidic, concentrated product designed for washing and protecting solar panels. Removes exploitative and mineral dirt (soot, dust, grit, water stains). Creates protective hydrophobic coating which slows down renewed dirt settling. Product is biodegradable. 100% sunlight permeability.

Application area

  • solar thermal collectors
  • photovoltaic panels

Method of use

Thorough cleaning: 1% solution (100 ml / 10 l of water). Daily cleaning: 0.5% solution (50 ml / 10 l of water).
Apply working solution on solar panel with garden hose and wait 1-2 minutes. Wash it down with high-pressure washer.
Remarks: Use cold or lukewarm water. Using demineralized water eliminates water stains. Do not use this product in full sun.


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