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Safe way to wash and coat of solar panels

Ecological cleaning

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Quick and effective mildewcide

Ideal for removing black mould

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Easy in use and harmless to cleaned surfaces


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Products from professional line make up the main part of the TENZI’s offer. They are mostly used by specialized companies for cleaning and nurturing objects made for public use, but many products may also be used in households. It is worth to have some specialist knowledge about this topic, because it will help you in selecting an optimal type of product and its concentration to get the best possible effect. Our training department offers necessary information on this topic.


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Tenzi is a manufacturer of the industrial chemistry with a wide range of use.
In our assortment we have professional cleaning agents, adapted to be used in supermarkets, hypermarkets, schools, hospitals and agricultural facilities. Thanks to appropriate components, our products effectively fights with rust, soot, limescale and grease.
They may be applied on leather, wood, building elevations and other contaminated surfaces. Additionally, we have products designed for cleaning sett stone, impregnating stone surfaces and removing chewing gum from carpets and furniture available in this category. We put great effort into developing more and more efficient formulas for our products.
We encourage you to order and try them out!


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Gastronomic chemistry offered by Tenzi includes effective products designed for washing dishes, ovens, countertops and removing limescale, rust and limestone. It is an unique offer of the products that are dedicated to be used in kitchens, restaurants, cafeterias, mess halls, lunchrooms and guesthouses. Wide range of the high quality products allows gastronomy surfaces and various devices (refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee machines etc.) to maintain their cleanness.


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Products available in this category guarantee highest quality and efficiency in regard to maintaining cars.
Their specialistic properties cause that they are enthusiastically used in workshops and car washes.

Car line also includes high-tech car cosmetics that carefully nurture car bodies, upholsteries and protect some elements from wearing down. We have shampoos, powders, waxes, active foams and quartz-ceramic coatings. Our high quality products guarantee effective cleaning and nurturing of the car interiors and exteriors.

We also offer professional auto detailing products which meet expectations of the most demanding customers.
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Tenzi also creates products with components from nanotechnology branch.
Specially selected components based on silver and titan compounds exacerbates product’s effect on cleaned surfaces.
We encourage you to test them and see for yourself!

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