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Cleaning and preserving stainless steel elements


1. Apply Steel Dee GT on contaminated surface with soft microfibre cloth soaked in warm water (about 40°C) and carefully spread it on the whole area.

2. After 15-30 seconds, wash off exploitative (greasy) stains with cloth soaked in warm water by using sliding-turning movements along the filaments.

3. Wash down the surface with a fresh cloth soaked in warm water.

4. Wipe the surface until it is dry.

5. In case of mineral discolourations (rust, stone), repeat four first steps with “Steel Strong” product.

6. Maintenance and daily nurturing:

If stainless steel is new and undamaged:
- apply INW-10 GT and carefully spread it on the surface, while removing daily dirt and grease with microfibre cloth.
Effect – degreasing, brightening and polishing of the surface.

If stainless steel has visible exploitative stains, micro-scratches or slight tarnish:
- apply “Steel Shine” (shiny surfaces) or “Steel Mat” (matt surfaces).
- carefully spread it on the surface, while removing daily dirt and concealing imperfections with microfibre cloth.
Effect – lubrication with hardening and dimming.
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