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1. Thorough cleaning:
- make a 1:3 - 1:10 solution (depending on the contamination level of the surface) with “Gran Smog” and hot water (50-60°C).
- apply solution on greasy and charred surface.
- after 2-10 minutes, wash the surface down with brush, hot water, sponge, highly pressured water or steam.
- wash everything down with clean drinking water.
- In case of various discolourations from coffee, tea or chemical damage, clean the surface with “Gran Milk Strong” (without diluting). Warning: test the surface durability to make sure that you won’t damage it.

2. Descaling – removing limescale, polishing:
Apply “Gran Still” solution on contaminated surface:
- descaling: 1:3 – 1:10 water solution (depending on limescale thickness).
- polishing: 50 – 100 ml / 10 l of water.
After a while (0.5 – 5 minutes), wash the surface down with clean drinking water and wipe it until it is dry.
Repeat the process if needed and prolong solution’s working time.

3. Daily cleaning:
Apply “Top Grill” or “Uni Clean” and carefully spread it on the surface.
Wash the surface with cloth or sponge soaked in warm water.
Rinse it with warm, clean drinking water and wipe it until it is dry.

To obtain better visual effects, remove stains, streaks and dripstone with “Gran Milk” and a microfibre cloth.
For daily cleaning and disinfection, use “Gran Qat” (5 minutes) or DS-1 (1 minute).
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